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Fighting Games - Storylines, Arenas and Bosses

Most fighting games are built around mostly fantasy storylines which unravel as one progresses through the game. Usually there is a simple plot or premise which takes the gamer into the world surrounding the fighting game. Once the gamer picks a fighter, he then goes in detail into the storyline of the chosen fighter and how they are associated with the general game story/premise unlocking a new part of the story as they progress.

Arenas help also to tell the story as each arena can have a distinct look and feel adding more to the game world. An arena may not only just be stage for a battle but also may carry clues as to unveil more of the story to the gamer and thus arenas are an important part of a fighting game.

Temple Arena with Rain
Some Arenas can also have special effects to add to the gameplay - slippery fight

The whole story begins to wrap up once a fighter has fought usually almost the whole roster of fighter characters and now is to meet a boss and usually before that there is a sub boss or several sub bosses before the main fight with the boss. A sub boss character in a fighting game is usually a more formidable character backed by superior or much more difficult AI or at least has a handicap larger than a previous set of fighters so as to offer more of a challenge to the gamer.

Sub bosses and boss characters usually have intimidating looks

The boss character is the ultimate game opponent with superior AI or a super huge handicap and in most fighting games, users will say it is the character who is automatically used by the computer in “cheat mode” because the character is almost always next to impossible to defeat. Usually boss characters have a large array of combos and special moves and their difficulty is also mixed in with more elaborative or intimidating artwork to add on to their characteristics.

Titanium vs. Quicksilver Test
Sub bosses and bosses usually are a great challenge to defeat in a fighting game

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