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Fighting Games - Cutscenes & HUD

Zinc vs. Platinum
All fighting games have a HUD to graphically display counters

All fighting games (well at least those that I know), have a Heads up Display (commonly abbreviated as HUD ). A HUD is a top-most front layer of the screen and in a fighting game, it usually acts as a graphical representation of counters such as those for character health / hitpoints and other gauges for stamina, energy boosts, as well as timers and round keepers. A HUD is often always visible except in some cases when there are cutscenes or special moves but some games keep the HUD on throughout the fight. HUD’s are usually well decorated and serve to add a feel to the game.

Gold vs. Platinum
Well decorated HUDs add to the feel of the game

A cutscene is a small movie or video clip or cinematic that plays usually before, during and after a round or fight. Some special movies may also have a cutscene whereby the camera may even switch from side-view to catch a close up of the move or action and sometimes cut scenes are really just normal fight animations occurring from a different angle whereby all other user interactions are ignored by the game to allow for the scene to occur.

Scandium vs. Mercury
a character launches a deadly special move

Cutscenes may be used to improve the gameplay and also to add to the storyline of a character in play. Additional effects, change in arena or even complete character overhauls may be used and manipulated by a cutscene, for example whereby “Ogre ” turns to “True Ogre ” in Tekken 3’s Boss Battle.

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