Introduction to ElementScript

Definition of ElementScript
ElementScript or ElementScript or EMETScript is a simple to use, object oriented scripting language that was developed by Kudzai Sadomba for the creation of desktop, mobile and web applications that need to make use of video, audio, graphics and other media elements in a way that gives these elements fast access to hardware. The name "ElementScript" is a joining of the words "Elemental", "Media", "Encoding", "Text" and "Script", hence why it is also called EMETScript.

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Fighting Games - Cutscenes & HUD

Zinc vs. Platinum
All fighting games have a HUD to graphically display counters

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Fighting Games - Storylines, Arenas and Bosses

Most fighting games are built around mostly fantasy storylines which unravel as one progresses through the game. Usually there is a simple plot or premise which takes the gamer into the world surrounding the fighting game. Once the gamer picks a fighter, he then goes in detail into the storyline of the chosen fighter and how they are associated with the general game story/premise unlocking a new part of the story as they progress.

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